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Our mission is to insure permanent homes with loving adoptive families for children placed in our care. The interests and welfare of the children placed in our care, regardless of the child’s race, economic status or special medical needs are first and foremost with ABC For Adoption.

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Welcome to ABC For Adoption

ABC for Adoption is a small nonprofit agency that has been licensed in the State of Illinois since 2003 with their primary location in Lincolnshire, a northern suburb of Chicago.

With years of experience in the adoption field, all ABC staff members are highly skilled, caring professionals, dedicated to helping birth parent and adoptive families get the guidance and support they need throughout the adoption journey. You are never just a number to us because we make an effort to personally get to know you. Most importantly, we are small and work with only a select client base at one time. Each client is a valued member of our agency; we provide personal attention directly as needed.

If you are a biological parent we will structure an assistance plan to suit your needs; financially, confidentially and give full support to you. We help you with your personal issues a well as issues related to family. We can help with rent, groceries, clothing, utilities, and related expenses. All is strictly confidential and stays within the agency.

If you are an adoptive couple we will gladly process your information to make a home license available to you. We also provide home studies to eligible adoptive couples who are working outside the state for an adoption. We provide post placement services. We can facilitate surrender and counseling services for couples who have found their own biological parent (s) and desire agency assistance.

To learn more about ABC for Adoption, visit us online at We are available at 888-44ADOPT (888-442-3678) or 847-821-2901.

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If you choose adoption, you will be able to fulfill your goals for life while knowing that your baby is being cared for and loved.

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Our Agency

We are a private agency with no support from the State, Government or any Religious group. ABC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.

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Our Values

ABC For Adoption has a mission to insure permanent homes with loving adoptive families for children placed in our care.

Agency License #492043